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Re: [leafnode-list] I can not grab old articles for groups on the server

Steven Woody <narkewoody@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> in the verbose output, fetchnewss said something like,
> foo.bar.group: fetch mmm - nnn
> (nnn - mmm) articles got.
> but the number of (nnn - mmm) is so much less than the total messages numbers
> in the server minus the number is the leafnode spool. in the other word, i
> wanna get all those old articles. is there a way? (i've tried fetchnews -f but
> found no differences)

Fetchnews fetches all articles in range that

- are not yet in your local spool
- are not filtered by your filter settings (maxage, maxlines, regexp and
  so forth)

If you have raised the maxage filter and want to fetch older articles,
try fetchnews -x 2000 or something (that revisits the latest 2,000
article numbers).

Note that servers may not have all articles in the range, for instance
after spam cancels and such. If the difference shown and the articles
fetched are not the same, that is no reason for concern usually - unless
you see holes in the threads - in that case, you may want to use a more
reliable upstream server.

Matthias Andree
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