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[leafnode-list] Request -moderated groups

I have a problem - the news server upstream from here is bad at dealing with 
moderated groups (about 1 in 5 posts seem to make it!), and the ISP doesn't 
seem interested (or possibly can't work out what the problem is).

I was hoping that using a local server on my system would get round this, and 
leafnode looks good - but all it does is pass the moderated posts upstream, 
so straight back to the problem server!

Is there any chance of any development to leafnode so that it would (perhaps 
optionally) mail moderated group posts to the moderation address rather than 
send them on to the upstream newsserver?  

I'd be glad to help, but my programming skills are, well, amateur: so far, 
looking at the code, I haven't even worked out where the leafnode suite 
identifies moderated posts to flag them for posting only once!

David Aldred
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