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Re: [leafnode-list] xinetd per_source limit routinely exceeded by certain hosts

"Bulgrien, Kevin" <Kevin.Bulgrien@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I know this borders on off-topic, but does anyone have any ideas about
> whether there is a way to configure Outlook Express to not be so heavy-
> handed?  Yes, I know, do not use Outlook Express... but you know how
> that goes over sometimes.  Most hosts do not cause trouble, but a few
> are regular rabble-rousers.

As no-one has responded yet, and stating the obvious: the Microsoft
Knowledgebase might have information on that. Perhaps there is an
explicit or hidden registry option or something to limit the amount of
connections per server.

>         instances       = 7
>         per_source      = 3
> }
> "per_source" is the culprit.  I can jack this setting up, but it almost
> seems that for some clients, per_source has to be set to the total number
> of local newsgroups - which seems ridiculous.  I do not think I want
> clients opening over a hundred connections just to check for
> messages...

per_source = 3 is a bit low and lower than what's recommended for IMAP,
for instance - I'd set this to 6 if possible, and bump instances
accordingly (perhaps 15) if your server can stand the memory load.

> One note.  This did not occur on the same hardware platform running RH7.2.
> At the time we were not running a firewall on the server.  Now that we are
> on a Mandriva 10.1 installation (security updates all applied) and using a
> local firewall, this cropped up.

If it happens without firewall, then go on debugging. If it goes away
when removing/disabling the firewall, check if your configuration is
correct - if the firewall is stateful, there may be a problem, perhaps
with connections timing out too soon.

Sorry for not being able to be more helpful on this.

Matthias Andree
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