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Re: [leafnode-list] Moderated groups problem

On Saturday 10 Sep 2005 18:59, David Aldred wrote:

> What I could really do with is a way of 'tracking' a message through the
> system once I've hit 'post' in Knode.   Should it sit somewhere until the
> next fetchnews run (even if it's supposed to be being sent by mail to a
> moderator), or does (should!) the MTA send it off instantly?

Oh.... naughty words.

Found them.  They are all sitting in my mailq.

The question now becomes why postfix isn't delivering any mail off-machine, 
but that can't be leafnode's fault!  So I need to take this question 

(Unless anyone can tell me why postfix should suddenly have decided it can't 
find an smtp/tcp service....)

David Aldred
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