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Re: [leafnode-list] groupinfo has lost some moderated flags

On Tuesday 13 Sep 2005 10:42, Robert Marshall wrote:
> So it looks as if news.ntlworld.net sometimes has the moderation status
> correct and then something happens and they're all unmoderated!

Soounds about typical :-(

> Maybe I should just change to order of the servers in /etc/leafnode/config
> so that news.ntlworld.net comes first. Though the real solution is to get
> the ntlworld admins to wake up to the problem (as my solution isn't going
> to help folk like David)

No - but if I can get my overall problems sorted out (the issue here seems to 
be Postfix rather than leafnode, and I'm frakkly thinking of leaving 
everything on the 'unsolved' pile until Mandriva 2006 id out, 
clean-installing that and hoping!), then I'm planning on creating a script to 
run after fetchnews and check that the moderation flag remains correct on 
sepcified groups, changing it if not.

(In that respect, does Fetchnews set any particular exit code if it's updated 
the groupinfo file, or would I just have to go on the file date?)

David Aldred

David Aldred
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