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[leafnode-list] Adding a custom header to posted messages?

I'm using leafnode-2.0.0.alpha20050422a to manage a local spool.
Because this spool is not propagated to any other servers, every
person who posts to any group within this spool has to make an
nntp connection to my server.

Because all of the posters go through my leafnode server, I'd like
to cause a custom header to appear in each message, containing
the IP address and the domain name of each poster's host ... in
other words, the host from which the nntp connection is being made.

It seems likely that I would have to hack the leafnode source code
in order cause this custom header to be added to all posted messages,
but maybe there's some kind of trick I can use in order to make this
happen ... ???


Thanks in advance.

 Lloyd Zusman
 God bless you.

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