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Re: [leafnode-list] something weird..

Louis wrote:
Hullo everyone, this is my first post.

I was using an earlier leafnode, but recently upgraded to 1.11.3 now this error keeps on coming up, and i dont know why.

Active has not been fetched completely in previous run
or has never been fetched, forcing active fetch.

I have no idea what is amiss. I've done lots of google searches, but i dont
seem to have had much luck.

(Its probably been answered before, but i cant seem to find out where)

Any Ideas?


louhaven (AT) iinet (DOT) net (DOT) au

The list of 'active' groups at your parent server needs to be retrieved again. If it is stopped or times out during this procedure it gets scheduled to happen again.

run 'fetchnews -f -vvv' to see whats happening. If that output doesn't show you whats going on, others in the list here should be able to use it to help more than this. (NP: -f is forcing a new clean retrieval, which _will_ bring up the message again at least once.)

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