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[leafnode-list] Re: broken articles

I cant check the file. Pan doesnt let me save the file.
It gives me error cant decode file, may be corrupted/incomplete.
According to the lines length the corrupted files are at 3050,3051
while completed files are at 3972xx,3973xx lines.

>You said the article as leafnode presented it is different from the one
>on your upstream server. Please download an article that is corrupted on
>your leafnode from the upstream ISP, too, and compare the two copies.
>You further said that the leafnode copy was shorter than the original -
>at the place where the leafnode article ends, what is in the original?
>(Check with less or xxd.)
>You can also gzip or bzip2 the two copies of the same article (not too
>large, 1 MB is OK but please no larger) and mail it to me off-list (the
>list will refuse large posts anyways).

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