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[leafnode-list] Re: Newbie: Running just local groups on Machine..

Nero Zero wrote:
> matthias.andree@xxxxxx schrieb:
>>Nero Zero wrote:
>>>Hello ye all;
>>>I want to run my installed leafnode just with localhost, hence no 
>>>internet newsgroups for now.. How do I create my own "server list" of 
>>>available newsgroups, so that all different users in turn on my machine 
>>>can use this NNTP blackboard if you will.. It be nice if I can learn how 
>>>the structure is set up in /var/spool/news ... and all
>>THe format is officially opaque - it might change, and is for that
>>reason deliberately undocumented.
> :: whatever this means! I changed grouspinfo's content with 
> local.group.test1 1 1 0 -x- und ...test2 1 0 0 -x- so that Knode can 
> subscribe to it but when I locally post to it it never maes it to the 
> folder?! fetchnews -vvv states that it is trying to writing arcticle X 
> but then it never maes it eventhough none are found in failed 
> positings... how do i make sure there are enough rights there for "news" 
> ?! if that is the problem maybe?!

Okay, so you have altered groupinfo to include the new groups.
You also have to create the directory structure for the group properly.
It sounds like the create of the news post file is failing.

Basically its: replace the '.' with '/' in the group name and stick a 
'.overview' at every level where posting is permitted. R/W/X on all dirs 
and everything owned by news user.

for 'local.test' you will also need to do:
    mkdir /var/spool/news/local
    mkdir /var/spool/news/local/test
    chown -R news:news /var/spool/news/local
    touch /var/spool/news/local/test/.overview
    chmod -R 775 /var/spool/news/local

(I am not certain if the creation of .overview is actually required, but 
it doesn't hurt to make sure its present and empty to start with)

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