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[leafnode-list] Re: Newbie: Running just local groups on Machine..

Server Admin wrote:

> for 'local.test' you will also need to do:
>     mkdir /var/spool/news/local
>     mkdir /var/spool/news/local/test
>     chown -R news:news /var/spool/news/local
>     touch /var/spool/news/local/test/.overview
>     chmod -R 775 /var/spool/news/local
> (I am not certain if the creation of .overview is actually required, but 
> it doesn't hurt to make sure its present and empty to start with)

I advise against trying to do local groups with leafnode-1. It simply
doesn't work. It's not designed for that, and leafnode-1 (just like
leafnode-2) will happily overwrite any of the changes you make in
/var/spool/news without prior notice, without hesitation, and without
mercy, and most importantly, client posts will not show up in the groups
- leafnode-1 will only show articles it has fetched from an upstream
server, so local posts will appear to be lost.

If you want local groups, check out the leafnode-2 alpha versions, or
use different software if you want "released, stable" software.

Although I advise against leafnode-2 in production use, I use it daily -
just be prepared to make changes to your configuration if you update,
and don't expect 100% compatibility between snapshots. It's not "stable"
in that updates need attention, and older snapshots aren't maintained,
and no security announcements will be made - you have to check the NEWS
file of new versions by yourself.

I hope that clears things up for good.

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