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[leafnode-list] Inconsistent behavious between -P and no flags?

I post a summary of newsgroup activity to a couple of groups, this is done
by a script that puts a file in /var/spool/news.out.going with a name that
reflects the group, I've just noticed that if I run fetchnews with -P it
doesn't get posted but fetchnews does post it.

A bit of digging reveals that checkqueue expects the postable files to
contain only digits and the '-' character. I assume that without a -P
checkqueue isn't tested and any file in out.going gets processed.

But the usage states that

Setting none of the options
    -B -H -P -R
is equivalent to setting all of them, unless [-M message-id] is used.

Maybe these should be consistent and then I might have to tidy up my script!

Is there a use for a script like this being bundled in with leafnode? - I
inherited it via a chain of people who had done things with it but then
weren't involved any more with the particular newsgroup.
See news:12231.10.8969.91.fsf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for an
example post.

Links and things http://rmstar.blogspot.com/
Robert Marshall
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