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[leafnode-list] Re: Patch: leafnode says active file has to be refetched but it doesn't

Brian Sammon schrieb am 2005-11-10:

> (I tried to send this to the list on Tuesday and yesterday, and neither of 
> them appear to have gone through -- Is the list down?)

It was, it's back up, and it's now hourly checked by cron if it's still
up, so that root gets a mail if the mailman qrunner isn't up.

> In some circumstances, when fetchnews can't connect to a server, fetchnews 
> decides that the active file must be refetched even though it wouldn't have 
> tried to fetch the active file if it had connected.  Specifically if it's a -P 
> run or if the server is marked noread.
> I've attached a patch for this.  I've also created a patch to make the error a 
> little clearer.  Since both patches modify the same part of the program, the 
> second patch will only apply after the first one has been applied.

You're right - and that was a good catch. Thank you, I have merged your
patch for leafnode 1.11.4.

Kind regards,

Matthias Andree
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