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[leafnode-list] Re: reading another group

Roi <roi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> hey
> i have my config setted with groups pcre to read about 3 groups
> and really in Pan when i fetch all groups from local server I see those 
> 3 groups
> and they are getting updated every fetchnews run.
> Now i want to add another group , added it to the pcre line in the 
> config file
> and touched and empty file in /var/spool/news/interesting.groups/
> (owner setted to news (as the other files))

Why are you using only_groups_pcre to select individual groups?
The primary purpose of this option is to select hierarchies, say, rec.*
(you'd spell this as rec\..*)

> but fetchnews doesnt see it, groupinfo file still has no record for the 
> new group.

You need to run fetchnews with the -f option added after every change to

Matthias Andree
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