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[leafnode-list] Re: Cannot update timestamp on /var/spool/news/interesting.groups/...: Operation not permitted

On Saturday 19 Nov 2005 02:45, Matthias Andree wrote:
> David Aldred <nr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> >> Has someone or something accidentally set "immutable" flags on the file
> >> (chattr on Linux, chflags on BSD) or tampered with ACLs (access control
> >> lists)?
> >
> > There's nothing shown on an lsattr; where would I look for any ACL?
> With getfacl.

Not found on my system.  Nor is setfacl - so unless there's another way....

> >> Ultimately, is your file system corrupt? Use fsck to check.  (you may
> >> shut your system down to single-user mode and unmount /var or downgrade
> >> it to read-only mode to be able to check it).
> >
> > Just tried an fsck from single-user mode, and it reported all was
> > clean.
> Did it run a full check? If not, try "e2fsck -fpC0 /dev/hda1" - the f
> will force a full check, the p will enable safe repairs and the C0 will
> show the progress bar, spinner and percent figure.

That didn't come up with any errors: and after running it the error still persists. 

> The problem is that I have no other idea from your description than file
> system corruption.
> > The error is being reported when I move from one newsgroup to another in
> > KNode - does the KNode user (ie me!) have to have write access to the
> > spool?  It would seem somehow a bit strange....
> Only if you yourself were in the "news" UNIX group.

I'm not quite with you here.   I'm not in the 'news' usergroup, but it's when I use KNode to read news that the error seems to be generated.   Now I'm assuming that the act of reading news is causing Leafnode to redate the files, thus generating the error when the timestamp can't be updated by Leafnode - so I as KNode user wouldn't have to have permissons for the spool - is that right?

I've also just tried 

  touch alt.os.linux./mandrake

when logged in as the 'news' user - there seems to be no problem with the timestamp updating from the command line.

David Aldred
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