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[leafnode-list] Re: Pan and Leafnode - connecting Problems in Ubuntu breezy

Peter Theisen <PTheisen@xxxxxxx> writes:

> Salve!
> Trying to fetch news from Leafnode with Pan, I`m receiving an error
> message:
> Mi, 23 November 2005 20:29:46 - new connection 0x83éba0 with local host,
> Port 119 
> Mi, 23 November 2005 20:29:46 - handshake: 200 Leafnode NNTP Daemon,
> version 1.11.3.rel running RK localhost.localdomain
> Mi, 23 November 2005 20:29:47 - handshake standard missed (german:
> fehlgeschlagen) : 500 Unknown COMMANDS
> Why This? What can I do?

Your leafnode version has been tampered with, the original version does
not print "RK", lacks the FQDN tag, and would not start up or print a
"200" banner with "localhost.localdomain".

Does your leafnode version state that it is a modified, unofficial
version, and does it state that the original author should not be
pestered with bug reports? If not, that is a violation of the GPL that
some parts of the code use.

Note that you *MUST* give leafnode a real host name to work with.
See the README-FQDN* files that ship with leafnode, or read online:


Matthias Andree
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