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[leafnode-list] Reducing leafnode's output to syslog.

I'm running the Debian leafnode 1.11.3.rel-4 package and it runs fine, 
but it's dumping far too much to my /var/log/syslog file.  The last 
rotation (syslog.0) contains 7,884,296 lines that grep fetchnews and 
1926 that don't!

I had previously fiddled with the configuration, but for a while now 
I've had "debugmode = 0" in the config file and I recently changed 
"/usr/sbin/fetchnews" to "/usr/sbin/fetchnews -q" in the do-fetch-news 
file (it's a Debian thing, called by the cron job) but most of my 
syslog still consists of lines like this

...fetchnews[8277]: alt.religion.kibology: killed 72058 
(<43941C4F.23F9@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>), already fetched before

whereas the /var/log/news/news.crit, news.err and news.notice files are 
quite reasonable.

Have I missed something in the leafnode configuration, or do I need to 
modify syslog.conf to cut this logging down?

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