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[leafnode-list] leafnode.org domain transfer


the leafnode.org domain reservation expires in about eight weeks and
IIRC should be transferred from Cornelius. Sometimes this transfer
appears to be called KK, whatever that stands for.

I take this opportunity to thank Cornelius for keeping the domain active.

I have however never registered a domain or booked DNS and email
forwarding services, so I'd ask for advice (what are the pitfalls, what
do we have to do?)

It appears as though we'd need these services (if anyone has
corrections/suggestions, please speak up):


- reliable domain registration for .ORG

- DNS service that we can configure so it supports the sourceforge.net
  VHOST, this means one A and two CNAME DNS records. We may need more
  records than these.

- at least two DNS server hosts in spatially and logically
  separated networks for failure resilience (unless there is a stricter
  .ORG requirement already)

- either payment possibilities through MasterCard, PayPal or intra-EU money
  transfer in Euro currency  OR  someone (ISP? Distributor?) who sponsors
  the domain


- email forwarding would be nice, particularly if it's capable to map
  catchall addresses to extensions. This may be separate from the above
  service. It's only intended to set up a few aliases, not for mailing
  lists, so should be reasonably low traffic, spam aside.

We do NOT need:

- webspace and server (but if we get it for free, all the better)

I know someone (I believe Theodore Heise) offered to take over the
domain a while ago but that might have overlapped with Cornelius's
re-registration IIRC.

What is a reasonable annual subscription fee for such hosting?

Can you suggest hosters?

Does anyone have bundle hosting offers that would make hosting
leafnode.org less expensive?

AFAIK leafnode was also accepted as BerliOS project, so we might mirror
the web site and released files there, too.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Matthias Andree
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