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[leafnode-list] Re: leafnode.org domain transfer

Florian Mickler wrote:

> If you do not transfer the webspace but just the dns-records (as you
> want to), there are no big technical issues. 

I don't expect problems here, as the old server will probably continue to work 
during the switchover.

> If you would transfer the webspace to another server(means changing the
> dns-record to point to another ip-adress) there could be a time where
> isp-dns-servers have cached the old ipadress but the old
> webspace-provider has already cleared your account. So a user would get
> a 404 until the isp-dns-servers cache expires.

Probably just the old pages instead of the new. No big deal, as the old ones 
forward to a DNS name that already resolve to the new server (Sourceforge).

> The pitfalls here are more of a buerocratic nature.  The old
> dns-provider has to let go of the Domain. 
> Normally if another big dns-registrant (i.e. schlundtech) is involved it
> takes about a week time.

The old registrant is knipp.de, I don't think we'll see much problems there.
>> someone (ISP? Distributor?) who sponsors the domain
> As i wrote to you per mail, we ( d-labs.de ) would sponsor the domain,
> if you are interested.

Thank you. I'm planning to collect further messages (I have half a dozen now) 
until Sunday or so and then decide.

> as i said, sponsoring the domain is no big deal, 
> webhosting depends on traffic and so on

Web sites are served by SourceForge, and perhaps we can put up a backup on 
BerliOS and have them serve the content, so probably no big deal either.

Thank you.

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