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[leafnode-list] Re: Configuring posting and fetching differently from various servers.

On Monday 23 January 2006 20:26, Martin wrote:

> Well, this brings an idea to my mind, but I'm not sure whether I'm
> right:
> /etc/leafnode/config:
> |server = news.individual.net
> |... the lines concerning this server ...
> |server = your.isp's.server
> |... the lines concerning your isp's server ...

>From playing with some more test messages, I think that if I submit a 
message to leafnode between runs of fetchnews, it will post to the first 
server that will take it.  I suspect that the one fluke I saw (a post 
went to the second server when both could have handled it) might have 
happened while I posted to leafnode while fetchnews was running, so when 
it got to the second server, the message was in out.going/.

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