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[leafnode-list] Re: (OT) recommendations for news service?

On Monday 30 January 2006 13:51, Matthias Andree wrote:

> I am using news.individual.net and have a quite fast connection (this
> is with the Deutsche Telekom backbone and a United Internet co.).

But you're closer to the server!  ;-)

> Does raising the timeout to 300 s help?

Well, it changes "ERROR: timeout - no response in 60 s" to "...300 s"!

> Can you show a snippet of leafnode's debug logs that show the timeouts?

I'll make sure I have plenty of room in /var/ then bring the debugging 
info back.

> What is your local network configuration, do you have routers or
> firewalls on your computer? If so, what kind of firewall and what
> operating system and version (including kernel version) are you using?

Linksys cable/DSL router
1Mb/s cable modem connection
the world

In the past, the problem usually seems to improve over time, until I add 
another group or two, then it recurs.  Running `/usr/sbin/fetchnews -q 
-f` seems to improve things a bit, so I've set "timeout_active = 7" 
in /etc/news/leafnode/config.  (I'm using the Debian package.)

NIN support said "I've checked our logs for your account: Everything looks 
completely normal, and there are _no_ timeouts recorded."

I'll send more debugging info in the near future.  Thanks for your 
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