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[leafnode-list] Re: leafnode.org domain transfer

I wrote:

> Web sites are served by SourceForge, and perhaps we can put up a backup on 
> BerliOS and have them serve the content, so probably no big deal either.

In the meanwhile, Cornelius and I have arranged a domain transfer to a
new registrar and then to a new owner (myself), and I have arranged that
leafnode.org DNS is now served by joker.com's three DNS servers, and
http://www.leafnode.org/ is now served by sourceforge's VHOST service
(serving the same files as http://leafnode.sourceforge.net/).

I received this year's first donation for leafnode today, which nicely
covered up for the transfer cost of the domain.

Further donations will keep the http://www.leafnode.org/ domain going. :-)
(donations can be made via sendmail, links on the website).

Matthias Andree
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