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[leafnode-list] Re: groupinfo has lost some moderated flags

David Aldred <nr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> Ah heck. You need to set debugmode to contain NNTP protocol trace
>> (debugmode should contain the bit values 8 and 1) to obtain logging from
>> fetchnews. Find attached a patch against the recent leafnode-2 release
>> to correct logging (successful logging will use INFO priority, error
>> logging will use ERROR priorit). 

> Thanks - that will help in future!  Matthias, are you documenting this
>in the main documentation?  I'm sure Robert and I aren't the only ones
>for whom the ability to bypass upstrem servers for moderated groups -
>and the ability to see that it's working - would be useful.

What bits of documentation do you suggest should be added?

What do users want to know?

Matthias Andree
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