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[leafnode-list] Re: groupinfo has lost some moderated flags

On Monday 20 March 2006 12:39 pm, Matthias Andree wrote:
> David Aldred <nr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> >> Ah heck. You need to set debugmode to contain NNTP protocol trace
> >> (debugmode should contain the bit values 8 and 1) to obtain logging from
> >> fetchnews. Find attached a patch against the recent leafnode-2 release
> >> to correct logging (successful logging will use INFO priority, error
> >> logging will use ERROR priorit).
> >
> > Thanks - that will help in future!  Matthias, are you documenting this
> >in the main documentation?  I'm sure Robert and I aren't the only ones
> >for whom the ability to bypass upstrem servers for moderated groups -
> >and the ability to see that it's working - would be useful.
> What bits of documentation do you suggest should be added?
> What do users want to know?
> --
> Matthias Andree

Greetings and hello to all.

This msg is in response to the last two questions which Matthias asked above.

I'm a new Leafnode user and as such am still trying to sort it out. 
Fortunately, it's very intuitive; meaning there's little I actually have to 
do to make it work. I do have one problem, and that's with the documentation 
concerning writing filters.

The examples supplied are sufficient, I suppose, for Perl programmers and such 
who, for example, who are familiar with regular expressions. Unfortunately, 
I'm not one of those. My programming expertice is in assembly language, and 
regular expressions are almost too abstract to get my brain around. An 
additional problem is the apparent absence of standards between the many 
different flavors of regular expressions in use. That just adds insult to 
injury.  When I have to use them, I use a program called "regexcoach" to 
construct and test them. What seems to work there, doesn't work very well in 
practice. Most of mine end up being either too greedy (matching far too 
much), or they never match completely. The O'Reilly book on the subject 
doesn't help much either. Searching the Internet for working examples has led 
me to believe that this is not an isolated situation, peculiar to me only. 
Lots of requests for help with regex, but few useful answers are to be found.

So, as a user, I'd like to see more, and better examples of regex usage in 
Leafnode; Examples that go over the syntax that actually works with the 
program because, things like the following, which are supposed to be 
legitimate regex, don't seem to pass muster:

# Filter "Content" headers
^Content-Type:.*text/html #-No HTML articles

# Filter "Subject" headers
^Subject:.*[Mm][Oo][Nn][Ee][Yy] # money
^Subject:.*[Pp][Rr][Oo][Ff][Ii][Tt] # profit
^Subject:.*[Ii][Nn][Cc][Oo][Mm][Ee] # income
^Subject:.*[Aa][Ll][Ww][Aa][Yy][Ss].*[Ww][Aa][Nn][Tt][Ee][Dd] # always wanted
^Subject:.*[Ww][Aa][Nn][Tt][Ee][Dd].*[Aa][Ll][Ww][Aa][Yy][Ss] # wanted always

# Filter "From" headers
^From:.*Nasty Poster \<_-_Stinky917_-_@somedomain\.com>
^From: *[Rr]obert* && ^User-Agent: *Outlook* && ^Path: *Sausage*
^From:.*[Na]sty* && ^User-Agent:.*Forte* && ^Organization:.*Road Runner High  
Speed Online*

The posts these filters are supposed to dump keep coming, so, I suspect I've 
mixed apples and oranges somewhere along the way, but I'm not sure. Time will 

So, if anyone has constructed filters that actually work, they could, with a 
little modification to protect privacy, be the genesis of some good filter 
documentation for Leafnode.

Thanks to all!

Mike McCarrey, Amateur Radio Callsign: WA7QZR
Spokane, WA USA

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