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[leafnode-list] Leafnode 1.11.5 released (STABLE)

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                   leafnode 1.11.5 has been released.

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Version 1.11.5 is an update that fixes a few minor bugs.

A binary RPM for Linux with glibc 2.2 and i486 or compatible processors
is provided. It also requires packages providing libpcre.so.0 and xinetd.
For easier debugging (and only if backtraces are needed, such as when
leafnode/fetchnews stall or crash), there is now a -debuginfo RPM, too.

This version is or will become available in .tar.bz2 format from these sites:

o SourceForge -- Source .tar.bz2 and i486 Linux RPM

o Mirror -- Source .tar.bz2, .tar.gz, upgrade patch, i486 Linux RPM

o IBiblio/MetaLab (will take some days to pick up) -- has FTP sites
   Check the system/news/transport directory

Not all sites carry all file types (.tar.bz2, .tar.gz, .rpm).

Below are file checksums and the NEWS file excerpt, with changes since
the previous release.  The full ChangeLog ships with the tarballs and
can also be viewed at http://home.pages.de/~mandree/leafnode/ChangeLog.txt

Have fun,
Matthias Andree, Leafnode maintainer
SHA1 checksums:
e5389c63e4020090b33504dbb1865f60fa59a1a2 *leafnode-1.11.5.tar.bz2
d7822da3fedf1536338f4a9f70588c6270e3d1c1 *leafnode-1.11.5.tar.gz
66562ac16b020ee3f8e0fe81975b8aece037bdfa *upgrade-1.11.4-to-1.11.5.diff.gz

MD5 checksums:
88552c5cc91cb27146c8906b2d33289d *leafnode-1.11.5.tar.bz2
daf05beb4eaab09c6405b3ada247f7c4 *leafnode-1.11.5.tar.gz
0729dc3d93793868bb808d5be8a9c914 *upgrade-1.11.4-to-1.11.5.diff.gz

File sizes:
433672 leafnode-1.11.5.tar.bz2
522650 leafnode-1.11.5.tar.gz
 32002 upgrade-1.11.4-to-1.11.5.diff.gz
o Fix logging of invalid FQDH/FQDN.
o Do not trash delaybody download markers if the interesting.group/* files
  are writeable by NEWS_USER ("news") but owned by somebody else. Found
  debugging a problem described by David Aldred.
o Some syslog messages were still logged at LOG_DEBUG priority without
  debugmode set.
o Support noactive = 0. Reported by Rafal Maj, Debian Bug #329760.
o Support nodesc = 0.
o Keep non-expiring groups (negative groupexpire date) in active file even if
  they have expired upstream. Sourceforge Bug #1230256, Thomas Zajic.
o INSTALL: leafnode needs a "news" group as well. Found by Julien Sansonnens.
o Allow unterminated lines in regular files. Found by Ivo Maintz.
o Applyfilter unfolds headers before matching, to match fetchnews behavior.
o Applyfilter no longer unconditionally removes messages without body
  if delaybody is off. The interesting.groups/group.name file might still
  have pointers so that fetchnews will download the bodies later.

o "killed nnn (<mess@xxxxx>), already fetched before" messages have been
  demoted to debug priority, to avoid syslog spamming with multiple upstream
  servers or after crashes.  Reported by Adam Funk.
o The RPM is now accompanied by a -debuginfo package.
o Build "grouplist" program in "make check".
o The fetchnews manual pages states that -f is not to be used in cron jobs.
o The filtering documentation (applyfilter(8) man page and filters.example)
  was overhauled, at the suggestion of Michael R. McCarrey.
  Mike also courteously provided additional filter examples with documentation.

o http://www.leafnode.org/ is now served by SourceForge's VHOST service and
  thus serves the same content as http://leafnode.sourceforge.net/
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