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[leafnode-list] help with spool problem?

Hi all,

I get my primary newsfeed from my ISP (insightbb.com), I think it's 
actually set up as a connection to Giganews.  InsightBB is now
reconfiguring many of their services, and access to the news server 
(netnews.insightbb.com) was down on Friday.  Last night it seemed to 
come back up, but the groups that fetchnews have finished fetching 
show a *huge* number of new posts that I'm certain are not all new.

Apr 28 23:22:03 linus fetchnews[863]: alt.os.linux.slackware: considering 79813 articles 141040 - 220852, using XOVER
Apr 28 23:24:01 linus fetchnews[863]: alt.os.linux.slackware: XOVER: 76539 seen, 3730 I have, 0 filtered, 72809 toget
Apr 28 23:24:01 linus fetchnews[863]: alt.os.linux.slackware: will fetch 72809 articles

Looking through the group with slrn, I see that nearly all of the 
"new" posts are from 2003 and 2004.  They show up in the articles 
window roughly in the order they were received--in other words the 
2006 posts before Friday are listed before these "new" ones, and the 
truly new posts (those 20 or so that have posting dates of today) 
show up after.

I'm assuming this is the result of some renumbering oddities in the 
feed somewhere.  I suppose I can just live with it, but I would 
prefer to clean out the old articles that are out of sequence.  Is 
there a way to run texpire to remove the old posts using the Date: 

Theodore (Ted) Heise     <theo@xxxxxxxx>     Bloomington, IN, USA
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