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[leafnode-list] Re: leafnode2 hostnames

Troy Piggins <troy@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Just installed leafnode2 alpha.  All set up, but having some trouble
> running fetchnews for the first time.  I seem to remember this
> problem when I installed leafnode1 but can't find my solution.
> I read the FQDN FAQ for leafnode1, couldn't find one for leafnode2.

The FQDN FAQ isn't really version specific.

> -----8<-----
> $ cat /etc/hosts
>	localhost armadillo
> #	armadillo
> piggo.dyndns.org
> -----8<-----
> Why is it picking up localhost over the piggo entry?

What does "hostname" print? Leafnode will try to obtain exactly that and
then qualify it by means of the DNS facilities of libc. Unless the
hostname is "piggo", this won't work.

> But same error message at fetchnews.
> How come it's not using the config directive?

Good question.

> PS - I am the only user, it's just a local server, and my slrn
> generates it's own unique M-IDs.

Doesn't matter. Leafnode can theoretically post to multiple upstream
servers and so will need a Message-ID. Relaxing this requirement means
adding heaps of ifs and bugs to many parts of the code, which makes it
harder to document, understand, configure and particularly support or

Matthias Andree
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