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[leafnode-list] Re: leafnode2 hostname problems

Troy Piggins <troy@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> [posted also on news.software.nntp]
> My leafnode2 worked for a few hours, I was able to run fetchnews
> etc, even posted some, with these settings:
> -----8<-----
> $ cat /etc/hostname
> armadillo

Is that what your system picks up?
Try the "hostname" command, it should print armadillo.

> $ cat /etc/hosts
>       armadillo.piggo.dyndns.org localhost
> armadillo dns mail www news

I think the machine might have difficulties qualifying the hostname this
way. "armadillo.piggo.dyndns.org" and "armadillo" have to be on the same
line, like this, with the fully qualified version first, then the
shortnames:   localhost armadillo.piggo.dyndns.org armadillo dns mail www news

> Why isn't the hostname setting in /etc/leafnode/config recognised at
> all?  I'm sure it worked in leafnode1.

It's supposed to work in leafnode-2, too. There's a bug however that
prevents it from working properly. New snapshot in a minute.

Matthias Andree
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