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[leafnode-list] Re: spool full due to posted binarys

On 21 Jul,  
     Matthias Andree <matthias.andree@xxxxxx> wrote:

> To remove all articles of 31,000 bytes and larger from GROUP.NAME, run
> these two commands:
> find /var/spool/news/GROUP/NAME -size +31000c -exec rm '{}' ';'
> texpire
Thanks. I deleted most manually (they were xposted to two other (binary)
groups so I had to delete three times. I only gained 3.7 meg until I ran
texpire, which presumably deleted them from the message.id folder, then I
gained about 3G of free space.
> 1. You can set size limits on the articles just short of the size they
>    have. Assuming the parts had 32 kByte, you can do:
>    with leafnode-1:
>    put "maxbytes=31000" (without quotes) on a line in /etc/leafnode/config
Done that, and sorted out all the problems caused by running the server with
no free space in /var.

> 2. Ask the upstream news service to install cleanfeed or similar
>    software that rejects binary postings to text groups.
I'm not sure which upstream server was responsible. one was unreachable at
times, so it was probably that one. I assume they have had similar problems
and sorted it.

Thanks for the prompt assistance, much appreciated.

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  Darlington ASC                  | <www.dare-asc.co.uk> 
  Darlington Dolphin Masters ASC  | <www.darlingtonmasters.org.uk>
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