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[leafnode-list] Re: filtering crossposts

   I would like to filter messages that are crossposted between certain
   groups, but not the groups themselves.
   With an example: I want to see posts that go to be.comp.os.linux OR to
   be.comp.os.windows, but I don't want to see posts that are crossposted
   between them (because these are almost always inflamatory...)

This leafnode2 filter works for me:

newsgroups = be.comp.os.linux
pattern = ^Newsgroups:.*be\.comp\.os\.windows.*

In leafnode1 I suppose you could do:



Matthew Parry

"There now, didn't I tell you to keep a good count?  Well,
there's an end of the story.  God knows there's no going on
with it now." - Sancho Panza.

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