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[leafnode-list] Re: ACLs


   without being involved in ACL things or something and probably without

Don't worry, I don't know anything about it either.  I just wanted to
make leafnode do a few things for me and I am now a bit hooked. 8)

   What about the following way (I leave the comments out):

   | [standard]
   | R alt.*
   | R comp.*
   | R gnu.*
   | R linux.*
   | R misc.*
   | R news.*
   | R rec.*
   | R sci.*
   | R soc.*
   | R talk.*
   | [recreational]
   | R alt.*
   | R rec.*
   | R talk.*
   | [business]
   | @standard
   | !@recreational
   | R aus.*
   | W .*business.*

   So a user of ACL business may read comp, gnu, linux, misc, news, sci,
   soc and aus, but only write to groups containing "business". An internal
   rule could be added saying: If there's no read access to a group,
   there's never write access.

It would be easier to programme if we use the same format as the other 
config files.  The norm on USENET is to give read/posting access, so I
think that is probably what people will expect the default behaviour to
be.  So we could have `group=pattern' give read/post access and a 


if someone didn't want to allow posting.

The TODO also mentions XRef, I think he means blocking articles
cross-posted to blocked groups.  This is difficult since I don't
think people will always want to block such cross-posts.  My inclination
would be to allow them but have a


option to block cross-posts to certain groups.

On another note, to try to understand the structure of leafnode I've
started to write a small file about the contents of each of the
source files and what their functions do.  I haven't written much
yet, but you can see the file as it grows at


It is converted from a texinfo file.


Matthew Parry

"There now, didn't I tell you to keep a good count?  Well,
there's an end of the story.  God knows there's no going on
with it now." - Sancho Panza.

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