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[leafnode-list] Re: 1.11.5 moderated groups

Chris Davies schrieb am 2006-08-01:

> I'm running leafnode-1.11.5 (Debian package), on a new server with no
> customisations to the leafnode config file, yet.
> I've been trying to discover why messages to moderated groups are just
> vanishing into the ether and would appreciate some help. I've read
> recent threads on this subject but these seem to be targeted more
> towards leafnode 2, which I'm not running.

Leafnode 1 does not by itself redirect postings to the moderator, but
leaves this task to the upstream server it is posting to.

Just installing Leafnode 2 won't help with your situation, since it
would obtain the wrong group status flag from the upstream server.

> 2. For sake of partioning the problem scenario, consider a moderated
> group such as uk.religion.christian. My ISP has this correctly flagged
> as moderated:
> $ telnet news.plus.net 119
> 200 Welcome to PlusNet Usenet service (ptn-nntp-reader01.plus.net) (posting ok)
> list active uk.religion.christian
> 215 Newsgroups in form "group high low flags".
> uk.religion.christian 0000078491 0000047797 m
> But, we have this, suggesting that the groups are not moderated (or
> that if they are, my ISP hasn't got it right):
> $ telnet news.plus.net 119
> 200 Welcome to PlusNet Usenet service (ptn-nntp-reader01.plus.net) (posting ok)
> list active linux.test*
> 215 Newsgroups in form "group high low flags".
> linux.test.moderated 0000000015 0000000015 y
> linux.test 0000000395 0000000316 y
> .

On news.individual.net, linux.test.moderated does not show at all and
linux.test shows as moderated. If the group is moderated, most sites
will discard your postings since they aren't approved by the moderator.

If the group is really meant to be moderated, ask them to fix that and
record the proper moderator address so they can properly forward your
posts to the moderator.

Note that it is a sign of bad administration if there are two groups
where one group name is the prefix of another, because lots of sites
cannot handle this properly. For de.* groups, when de.foo.bar is
supposed to get a subgroup, say, de.foo.bar.baz, then de.foo.bar is
renamed to de.foo.bar.misc.

> However, my groupinfo file doesn't seem to record the m flag
> correctly. Or else 

Leafnode-1 does not record group status (moderated/noposting).

> maybe I'm misreading it (I haven't found much documentation on the
> format):
> $ grep uk.religion.christian groupinfo
> uk.religion.christian 0 1 1154423823 ?
> This seems like it's telling me there are no articles currently
> downloaded in this group and it was last updated at Tue Aug  1
> 09:17:03 2006 UTC. But what of the "?" indicator?

That would be the group description. Apparently the gateway operator or
somebody else did not know what to type there. Leafnode marks groups
without description with "-x-".


Matthias Andree
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