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[leafnode-list] Correct way to copy the news spool and leafnode configuration to another computer?

Sometime soon I need to move leafnode from one computer (Debian) to
another (Ubuntu).  I think the configuration can be copied by simply
copying /etc/news/leafnode/ into place on the second machine, but what
do I need to do to copy /var/spool/news/ (which I understand contains
a lot of files with multiple hard links)?  Can tar handle the hard
links correctly, or do I need to used cpio?

Also, I can't post to this list through
gmane.org's newsgroup interface.  Every time I try, I get a message
from the Gmane Autoauthorizer telling me 

  You have sent a message to be posted on the gmane.network.leafnode

  This is a non-public mailing list, which means that you have to
  subscribe to the list to post to it.  If you're already subscribed
  to the list, Gmane can forward this message to the list if you
  respond to this message.  If not, you should sign up to the mailing
  list first, and then respond to this message, or just forget about

but when I try to subscribe (again), the leafnode list's mailman tells
me I'm already subscribed.  Anyone know what's wrong?

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