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[leafnode-list] leafnode 2.0.0.alpha20060711a: cannot parse reply...


I just updated to leafnode 2.0.0.alpha20060711a, as there came a new
ebuild for Gentoo.

Next "fetchnews"-run I got following output:

| news.gmane.org: cannot parse reply to "GROUP
| gmane.linux.gentoo.web-user": "220 27322
| <200607271403.28703.ext-dirk.heinrichs@xxxxxxxxx> article"

After this output, fetchnews quit.

Right after this, I retried with -vvv. There was no error given, so I
can't paste the output.

The article is available on gmane.org, yet it was not stored on my hard
disk (leafnode says "430 no such article").

Additionally it could be interesting, that the article is not in
gmane.linux.gentoo.web-user but in gmane.linux.gentoo.user.german.
According to my logfile, .user.german is fetched right before .web-user.

What more information is needed? Was this just an ordinary accident or
is there something wrong (not enough time for waiting)?

My windowsize is not set in /etc/leafnode/config. According to the
config file it should default to 5.


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