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[leafnode-list] status of leafnode 2 and how to upgrade from leafnode 1


after fighting with INN for couple of days (and spamming couple of email
lists meantime ;-)) I have humbly returned to leafnode (1.11.5 with ML
patch of Nikita Youschenko -- why this patch has not been in the plain
leafnode tarball for a long time already is beyond me, but that's another

However, INN opened my eyes to some new possibilities and I would love to
try something new. So the question, what is the state of leafnode 2? I have
just true leaf node here -- running leafnode on localhost and reading it
with knode. Are there any serious problems with leafnode 2 (why is it in
alpha)? Does it support local NGs and mail2news gatewaying?

Thanks for any reply,

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