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[leafnode-list] Re: status of leafnode 2 and how to upgrade from leafnode 1

On Thursday 17 August 2006 03:36, Matthias Andree wrote:
> Joerg Dietrich <joerg@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> > Since 2000 leafnode-2 provides significant improved features
> > over leafnode-1. I have been using leafnode-2 in production mode
> > for four or five years now. I really do not understand what
> > keeps you from releasing it instead of keeping it in alpha stage
> > for 5 years and still supporting leafnode-1, which has been
> > technically obsoleted by many improvements in leafnode-2.

> My concern mostly is that switching to leafnode-2 without
> reviewing leafnode-1 changes if they need to be ported will cause
> regressions, and that leafnode-1 is much better debugged than
> leafnode-2.

I moved from -1 to -2 a number of years ago; probably around 2003.
The migration caused me absolutely no headaches. As far a I can
recall, just about all the significant changes to -1 since then have
been to remove bugs that never existed in -2; or to add half-baked
features that -2 already implemented much more cleanly.

> Of course I can rename TODO into TODO.3.0 and release what we have
> now, but I fear I'll constantly be unhappy with its state, not
> being able to move to 3.0 quickly, with 2.0 bugfixes tying up
> resources.

Learn to say "good-bye".

Start by setting a date by which -1 becomes deprecated. Freeze the
feature set of -2 at the time of the announcement.

Dropping direct support for -1 will free up resources for -2. Those
who wish to continue with -1 for their own reasons will still have
the source code, should fixes or future ports be necessary.

The process can also unchain leafnode-3, allowing for completely new
concepts to be exploited (e.g. Reiserfs4's rich node structure to
obsolete the message.id and newsgroup storage trees altogether).

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