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[leafnode-list] Re: leafnode 2.0.0.alpha20060711a: cannot parse reply...


and sorry for the delay. I had a lot of work to do.

On Tue, Aug 15, 2006 at 01:36:03PM +0200, Matthias Andree wrote:
> Martin <virenfang@xxxxxxxx> writes:
> >> > What more information is needed? Was this just an ordinary accident or
> >> > is there something wrong (not enough time for waiting)?
> >> 
> >> Probably the server sending garbage.
> >
> > I suspected this, but I'm not sure any more.
> Indeed, fetchnews wasn't handling the 423 reply properly.
> Thank you very much for your debugging work.

There was not much work to do. Playing around with netcat is not a
problem for me. The trickier part was writing an ebuild with a patch!

As long as I do not have to read and understand the "inner core" of
leafnode (I didn't even try), there's not much problem. NNTP is one of
my foreign languages.

> This patch should fix the problem (it doesn't hurt if the "NEWS" part
> fails). Note you must save the body of this article to a file and
> redirect input from that file into patch.
> Copy & Paste WILL NOT WORK.
> Can you test the patch? If it works, I'll release a new snapshot
> (one of the other benefits of alpha versions: less release overhead :-))

|gmane.linux.gentoo.user.german: will fetch 200 articles
|sent ARTICLE 27321 command, in pipe: 1
|sent ARTICLE 27322 command, in pipe: 2
|sent ARTICLE 27323 command, in pipe: 3
|sent ARTICLE 27324 command, in pipe: 4
|sent ARTICLE 27325 command, in pipe: 5
|Wrong reply to ARTICLE command: "423 Bad article number"
|received article, sent ARTICLE 27326 command, in pipe: 5
|received article, sent ARTICLE 27327 command, in pipe: 5
|Wrong reply to ARTICLE command: "423 Bad article number"

It works! :-)

(Ok, the NEWS-part fails. That prevents an ebuild properly from working,
so I deleted the entire NEWS-part from the patch.)

Thank you for your really fast work, and please excuse my delay.

Have a nice day ...

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