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[leafnode-list] [alpha] permission change for news spool


I am trying out

$ leafnode -V
leafnode 2.0.0.alpha20060826a

and it seems much faster in downloading from upstream; nice.

However I now have the problem that the recommended permissions
broke some of my s-lang filter scripts I used from slrn when I
wanted to display messages differently (wrapping, etc.). Those
scripts accessed the article files via Xref: in the spool
directly (without changing them though), and they can't now
because the spool is only accessable for user news.

I guess the new permissions are more correct than the previous
ones; still it would be nice if someone explained to me whether
or why the new setting are mandatory even on a *very* small site
(my private laptop) -- before I code workarounds for all my
scripts and someone comes up and says: "Oh, you could've just
changed the permissions of the spool ..."

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