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[leafnode-list] /etc/news/moderators and gmane


I have finally jumped the ship and upgraded to leafnode 2.0.0.alpha20060711a
(Debian packages for Debian/testing are in
http://matej.ceplovi.cz/progs/debian -- of course, they are most probably .
I am struggling with pygn (mail2news gateway), but I found one thing, which
seems to me to be pure bug. /etc/news/moderators has a last line

## Direct all other public hierarchies to the master moderator database.

All gmane groups are considered to be moderated (which is true, I think Lars
uses moderating trick to send emails out to lists), so effectively I cannot
post to gmane newserver. I have commented out that last line, but I wonder
whether there would be a way how to define "don't bother with mailing to
this moderated tree". For example, empty value could mean that. So that I
would have:



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