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[leafnode-list] pygn as a mail2news gateway


so now the real problem I am dealing with -- mail2news bidirectional

On leafnode 1.* I used mail2news patch by Nikita Youschenko
(http://zigzag.lvk.cs.msu.su/leafnode/ -- I wonder something like that has
not been included in leafnode 2.*, it would make great fit IMHO, but I know
I am not a programmer, and I won't do it, so I shut up on this), so I have
to install some mail2news gateway. I tried pygn (just because it is
packaged for Debian; any other suggestions?), but I haven't managed to
configured it yet. This is what I did (with expected workflow):

1) mail is read by my kmail (user matej) and if it is list message which
should be gatewayed to news, it is bounced to news@localhost -- this step
has been working perfectly for couple of years and it has not been changed.

2) news' .procmailrc contains a lot of rules like this (for news2mail):

ARG = $1

:0 bh:
* ARG ?? local-mail-comp-boston
| pygn2m -l $HOME/log-pygn2m -d -t discuss@xxxxxxx -s ceplm@xxxxxxxxx

and like this (for mail2news):

:0 bh:
* ^List-Id:.*pkg-lyx-devel.lists.alioth.debian.org
| pygm2n  -l $HOME/log-pygm2n -d -n local.mail.comp.lyx-debian

/etc/news/local.groups is this:

local.mail.comp.cambridge       m       Cambridge (UK) LUG
local.mail.comp.boston  m       Boston LUG
local.mail.comp.surrey  m       Surrey LUG
local.mail.comp.bosto-admin     m       Boston admins
local.mail.comp.oxford  m       Oxford LUG
local.mail.comp.lyx-debian      m       Maintainer of LyX on Debian
local.mail.comp.scottish        m       Scottish LUG
local.mail.comp.northwales      m       NWales LUG
local.mail.comp.southwales      m       SWales LUG
local.mail.comp.czdebian        m       Diskuse českých uživatel Debianu
local.mail.vcfc.random  m       Random list z VCFC
local.mail.vcfc.branik  m       Diskuse ČCE Braník
local.mail.soc.oakeshott        m       Conversation -- discussion about Oakeshott
local.mail.soc.read-only        m       různá RO sociologie
local.mail.zpravy       m       NG pro různé zpravodajství
local.test      m       testing group

and this is /etc/news/moderators (w/o comments):

## Public hierarchies with exceptions.

# local groups are moderated by news@localhost

# and all gmane stuff should be posted directly
# gmane does its own thing on it

## Direct all other public hierarchies to the master moderator database.

Even though (according to ~news/log-procmail) all messages seem to be
running correctly, I don't get a message with moderated newsgroups.
However, without moderating newsgroups, I don't know how to make work
sending emails from leafnode to email.

Any thoughts or help, please?



GPG Finger: 89EF 4BC6 288A BF43 1BAB  25C3 E09F EF25 D964 84AC
http://www.ceplovi.cz/matej/blog/, Jabber: ceplma@xxxxxxxxx
23 Marion St. #3, (617) 876-1259, ICQ 132822213
Home is where ~/.bashrc is.
   -- from Usenet

#   Note: The $1 contains value only _IF_ procmail
#   is invoked with option -m or -a (with an argument).
#   Be sure procmail is invoked with that oprion either as from
#   LDA or ~/.forward.
#   $1 is pseudo variable and it can't be used in condition line,
#   so we copy the value to ARG.

ARG = $1

#:0 fwh
#* ! ^List-Post:
#* ^Mailing-List:
#| sed -e '/^-\{6,\}\s*Yahoo\!\s*Groups\s*Sponsor/,$d' yahoo-groups-message.txt \
#| sed -e :a -e '/^\n*$/{$d;N;};/\n$/ba' 

:0 bh:
* ARG ?? local-mail-comp-boston
| pygn2m -l $HOME/log-pygn2m -d -t discuss@xxxxxxx -s ceplm@xxxxxxxxx

:0 bh:
* ARG ?? local-mail-comp-lyx-debian
| pygn2m -l $HOME/log-pygn2m -d -t pkg-lyx-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -s ceplm@xxxxxxxxx

:0 bh:
* ARG ?? local-mail-comp-boston
| pygn2m -l $HOME/log-pygn2m -d -t discuss@xxxxxxx -s ceplm@xxxxxxxxx

:0 bh:
* ARG ?? local-mail-comp-bosto-admin
| pygn2m -l $HOME/log-pygn2m -d -t bblisa@xxxxxxxxxx -s ceplm@xxxxxxxxx

:0 bh:
* ARG ?? local-mail-comp-surrey
| pygn2m -l $HOME/log-pygn2m -d -t surrey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -s ceplm@xxxxxxxxx

:0 bh:
* ARG ?? local-mail-comp-scottish
| pygn2m -l $HOME/log-pygn2m -d -t scottish@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -s ceplm@xxxxxxxxx

:0 bh:
* ARG ?? local-mail-comp-northwales
| pygn2m -l $HOME/log-pygn2m -d -t northwales@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -s ceplm@xxxxxxxxx

:0 bh:
* ARG ?? local-mail-comp-southwales
| pygn2m -l $HOME/log-pygn2m -d -t discuss@xxxxxxxxx -s ceplm@xxxxxxxxx

:0 bh:
* ARG ?? local-mail-comp-oxford
| pygn2m -l $HOME/log-pygn2m -d -t oxlug@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -s ceplm@xxxxxxxxx

:0 bh:
* ARG ?? local-mail-comp-cambridge
| pygn2m -l $HOME/log-pygn2m -d -t clug@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -s ceplm@xxxxxxxxx

:0 bh:
* ARG ?? local-mail-comp-czdebian
| pygn2m -l $HOME/log-pygn2m -d -t czdebian-l@xxxxxxxxx -s ceplm@xxxxxxxxx

:0 bh:
* ARG ?? local-mail-vcfc-random
| pygn2m -l $HOME/log-pygn2m -d -t vcfgb-random@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -s ceplm@xxxxxxxxx

:0 bh:
* ARG ?? local-mail-vcfc-branik
| pygn2m -l $HOME/log-pygn2m -d -t cebranik@xxxxxxxxxx -s ceplm@xxxxxxxxx

:0 bh:
* ARG ?? local-mail-soc-goffman
| pygn2m -l $HOME/log-pygn2m -d -t goffman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -s ceplm@xxxxxxxxx

:0 bh:
* ARG ?? local-mail-soc-oakeshott
| pygn2m -l $HOME/log-pygn2m -d -t conversation@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx -s ceplm@xxxxxxxxx

:0 bh:
* ARG ?? local-test
| pygn2m -l $HOME/log-pygn2m -d -t matej@localhost -s ceplm@xxxxxxxxx

:0 bh:
* ^Subject: *test
| pygm2n -l $HOME/log-pygm2n -d -n local.test

:0 bh:
* ^List-Id:.*pkg-lyx-devel.lists.alioth.debian.org
| pygm2n -l $HOME/log-pygm2n -d -n local.mail.comp.lyx-debian

:0 bh:
* ^List-Id:.*discuss.blu.org
| pygm2n -l $HOME/log-pygm2n -d -n local.mail.comp.boston

:0 bh:
* ^List-Id:.*bblisa.bblisa.org
| pygm2n -l $HOME/log-pygm2n -d -n local.mail.comp.bosto-admin

:0 bh:
* ^List-Id:.*surrey.mailman.lug.org.uk
| pygm2n -l $HOME/log-pygm2n -d -n local.mail.comp.surrey

:0 bh:
* ^List-Id:.*scottish.mailman.lug.org.uk
| pygm2n -l $HOME/log-pygm2n -d -n local.mail.comp.scottish

:0 bh:
* ^List-Id:.*northwales.mailman.lug.org.uk
| pygm2n -l $HOME/log-pygm2n -d -n local.mail.comp.northwales

:0 bh:
* ^List-Id:.*discuss.swlug.org
| pygm2n -l $HOME/log-pygm2n -d -n local.mail.comp.southwales

:0 bh:
* ^List-Id:.*oxlug.lists.oxlug.org
| pygm2n -l $HOME/log-pygm2n -d -n local.mail.comp.oxford

:0 bh:
* ^List-Id:.*clug.cambridge-lug.org
| pygm2n -l $HOME/log-pygm2n -d -n local.mail.comp.cambridge

:0 bh:
* ^List-Id:.*czdebian-l.debian.cz
| pygm2n -l $HOME/log-pygm2n -d -n local.mail.comp.czdebian

:0 bh:
* ^Mailing-List:.*(vcfgb|vcfc)-(announce|random)@yahoogroups.com
| pygm2n -l $HOME/log-pygm2n -d -n local.mail.vcfc.random

:0 bh:
* ^List-Post:.*cebranik@xxxxxxxxxx
| pygm2n -l $HOME/log-pygm2n -d -n local.mail.vcfc.branik

:0 bh:
* ^List-Post:.*goffman.mail.lsit.ucsb.edu
| pygm2n -l $HOME/log-pygm2n -d -n local.mail.soc.goffman

:0 bh:
* ^To:.*CONVERSATION@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
| pygm2n -l $HOME/log-pygm2n -d -n local.mail.soc.oakeshott

:0 bh:
* ^To:.*(@JISCMAIL.AC.UK|PILN@xxxxxxxxxxxx|UMD-LPBR-FULL@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
| pygm2n -l $HOME/log-pygm2n -d -n local.mail.soc.read-only

:0 bh:
* ^From:.*(googlealerts-noreply@xxxxxxxxxx|alerts@xxxxxxxxxxxxx|robot@xxxxxxxx)
| pygm2n -l $HOME/log-pygm2n -d -n local.mail.zpravy
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