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[leafnode-list] FQDNs in Path, Message-ID and Xref differ


Message-Id: <**********.ln2@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Path: poetry.ath.cx!not-for-mail
Xref: sarge.pjr.gotdns.org local.test:***

I have this setting in .../config:

	hostname = poetry.ath.cx

And this in /etc/hosts:	localhost    sarge.pjr.gotdns.org    sarge

I'd prefer the "hostname" setting to apply to Xref as well as to the 
other headers. That's how I remember it working in leafnode 1, so am I 
missing something, or is this a bug or maybe a deliberate change?

I'm using leafnode 2.0.0.alpha20060831a.

PJR :-)
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