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[leafnode-list] Re: Just starting out, looking for hints

On Sunday 24 September 2006 14:16, Arthur Marsh wrote:

> only_groups_pcre = gmane\.
only_groups_pcre = ^gmane\.

> only_groups_pcre = mozilla\.
only_groups_pcre = ^mozilla\.

(These changes prevent confusion with alt.mozilla.*, etc.)

> ^Newsgroups:.*[, ]gmane.spam.detected$
> ^Newsgroups:.*[, ]gmane.spam.detected,

In one line:

^Newsgroups:.*[, ]gmane.spam.detected(,|$)

(not tested)

> The only problem so far is that comp.risks only has the most recent
> issue in it, whereas knode fetched the last 17 issues from
> news-server.bigpond.net.au.

fetchnews -x might work.

> Is there a more 'elegant' way to get a fully qualified domain name
> for leafnode?

Yes. I use <http://www.dyndns.com/> to obtain a "real" domain, and 
similar free services are available elsewhere. With the arrangements 
you've made, there's a danger that the FQDN might suddenly start 
belonging to somebody else, even if your IP number is alleged to be 

PJR :-)
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