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[leafnode-list] Re: cron hourly

On Mon, Sep 25, 2006 at 04:01:23PM +0100, Thufir wrote:
> How do I know that fetchnews has been running hourly, or what the results
> were?
> [thufir@arrakis ~]$ cat /etc/cron.hourly/fetchnews -n
> ...

cron will email output of jobs to user as whom the job runs.
If root, this will typically be forwarded to a user account, though this 
needn't be the case.  You could also check for cron's logs for entries 
similar to
[root@oct05 drupal]# head /var/log/cron
Sep 24 04:44:01 oct05 crond[13608]: (head) CMD (cd ~/angel/; cvs -q update -dP > /dev/null; cd ~/wwmp/; cvs -q update -dP > /dev/null)
Sep 24 04:45:01 oct05 crond[13629]: (root) CMD (/usr/bin/mrtg /etc/mrtg/mrtg.cfg --lock-file /var/lock/mrtg/mrtg_l --confcache-file /var/lib/mrtg/mrtg.ok)
Sep 24 04:45:01 oct05 crond[13631]: (mattp) CMD (cd /home/mattp/angel/tools/mrtg ;  mrtg mrtg.cf)

Sanity checking:
Has cron itself been instructed to call scripts in that directory?
E.g. on my system I have entries in /etc/crontab, viz.:
01 * * * * root run-parts /etc/cron.hourly
02 4 * * * root run-parts /etc/cron.daily
22 4 * * 0 root run-parts /etc/cron.weekly
42 4 1 * * root run-parts /etc/cron.monthly

Good luck,

Matt Peperell <matt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
This sentence would be six words long if it were seven words shorter.
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