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[leafnode-list] Re: Leafnode 2-0.0_alpha20060711 speed

Heiko Nock schrieb am 2006-10-04:

> I've switched from the latest Leafnode1 to Leafnode 2-0.0_alpha20060711
> and it seems to generally work as expected. Which is well.
> I'm quite surprised about its speed when fetching news, though. That
> takes noticeably longer than Leafnode1 and now takes almost a second
> for about 50 postings using XOVER. Filtering is turned off.
> Is there a reason why Leafnode2 is that slow and can this be changed
> somewhere in configuration?

Tough call without

1- a glance over your configuration,
2- perhaps logs to show details (also about your upstream server)
3- perhaps a profile to find where it's stuffing its time
4- perhaps your trying a more recent version
5- information on your network.

For me, leafnode-2 fetches faster than leafnode-1 does, because it
pipelines articles.

Matthias Andree
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