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[leafnode-list] Re: no archive messages

On Fri, Oct 06, 2006 at 07:55:06PM -0400, Brian Sammon wrote:

> It doesn't have to be you. Someone else could release leafnode2 as a separate 
> package.

I don't think that a separate package is a terribly clever idea.
Leafnode 2 should be a drop in replacement for Leafnode 1 and do
everything that it does: if a noticable proportion of users can't simply
upgrade then something has gone wrong.  Trying to do the upgrade over
two separate packages would just make life harder for little real gain.
Since Matthias doesn't want Leafnode 2 releasing there should be no need
to have both in the same distribution.

That said, there's nothing stopping two people working on the same

> Are you volunteering (or have you already, and I missed it?) to package 
> leafnode2 for debian?

Matej Cepl has been maintaining one outside the archive.  I've also got
unreleased packages (using bits from his) which in the light of
Matthias' posting the other day I hope to dust off and get uploaded to
experimental shortly.

> P.S.  Signing up as a debian developer has been on my todo list for a while 
> now... If I ever get around to it, I'll offer my assistance as co-maintainer 
> of this package.

If there are improvements you'd like to see in the packages then please
file wishlist bugs with them (or asking for the improvements): if you do
get round to doing new maintianer a track record of doing things would
help :) .

FWIW there's generally not much involved in the packaging at the minute:
both Leafnode 1 and Leafnode 2 are pretty static from the point of view
of packaging.

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