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[leafnode-list] Re: fetchnews -vvv OK but not telneting ?

Matthias Andree wrote:
> Yvon Thoraval <yvon_thoraval@xxxxxxx> writes:
> Check /etc/leafnode (or wherever your configuration file resides)
> instead. Then confirm the user account that your inetd.conf, xinetd.conf
> or similar file (that starts the actual server on port 119) is suitable
> (news in your case).
over MacOS X the latest xinetd is obsolete, in fact i've downloaded a 
package writen by "Jens Kutilek" it's using launchd and a plist (sort of 
xml) lying in "/Library/LaunchDaemons" he use the correct way to do that 
those days.

everytning seems to be fine,  except i'can't telnet leafnode, obviously 
i've asked to "Jens Kutilek" but didn't get any answer at the time of 
xriting, may he is on vacation or change is email address ???

hes email address given in the "Welcome.rtf" file of hes package named 
"leafnode.pkg" and dated "2005-12-15" is :


even the config file for launchd (standing for launch daemon as you've 
expected) isn't seen by Lingon.app, able to edit such files.

something strange here...


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