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[leafnode-list] Re: fetchnews -vvv OK but not telneting ?

I'm sorry about the missing references header, but I just now  
subscribed to this list ...

Yvon Thoraval wrote:

> Le 2 nov. 06 à 08:23, Matthias Andree a écrit :
> >> -rwxr-xr-x    1 root  wheel   165552 Dec 15  2005 leafnode
> >
> > This doesn't seem to be the latest version though.
> yes i know probably Jens Kutilek is satisfied with this version then
> why changing a working one...

I basically make a new version of the installer whenever I need  
one ;-) Like just now, I have got a new Intel Mac and so I've made a  
package that runs on both PowerPC and Intel architecture natively  
using the latest version of leafnode.

> i'll do another "one click installer" when a first running version of
> my prefs pane will be working and then i'll make use of the leafnode
> latest. i do jave to go step by step ;-)

I'll be happy to incorporate your Preference Pane into my installer  
if you like.

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