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[leafnode-list] Re: [MacOS X]Mac OS X 10.4: Network Time clients lose synchronization

Le 20 nov. 06 à 14:18, Matthias Andree a écrit :

> This problem isn't limited to MacOS X, but affects all clients  
> whose IP
> address changes frequently, because NTP isn't fit for such situations,
> but assumes it were running on a static IP host. NTP behind a
> masquerading (DSL/cable) router should work without those restart  
> orgys
> however.


thanks for your answer, however i do have a fixed IP over   my box  
and as far as i understood Appel's artnum the prob, within MacOS X,  
arroses after the comupter sleep and wake again.

here is part of Apple's note :

> The defaults require several hours of constant access to the time  
> server in order to establish synchronization. If the initial sync  
> gets interrupted (by the computer going to sleep, for example), the  
> subsequent synchronization will not take place, causing the  
> computer to eventually drift from the correct time.

and the advice is to use the "iburst" ntp server mode instead of  
"minpoll and maxpoll values"...

And someone suggest (Message-ID: <1hp3rsd.1q8bhyttf74wyN% 
xavier@xxxxxxxxxxx> for french readers) that's Apple's file conf  

I do agree with him because they give a better approach.

Also it is well known on Mac OS X that after the computer going to  
sleep it's somehow hard to wake it up )))

Here i'm speaking from experience ;-)


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