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[leafnode-list] Re: [MacOS X]Mac OS X 10.4: Network Time clients lose synchronization

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list driver should have stripped it though)

Yvon Thoraval schrieb:

> thanks for your answer, however i do have a fixed IP over   my box and
> as far as i understood Appel's artnum the prob, within MacOS X, arroses
> after the comupter sleep and wake again.

I've read Apple's docs, and assuming they use more or less the original
ntpd for Darwin, all they're doing is speeding up the *initial*
synchronization, because that's what iburst is for. The claim that it
takes several hours of constant access doesn't hold for vanilla ntpd's
default poll cycles.

> Also it is well known on Mac OS X that after the computer going to sleep
> it's somehow hard to wake it up )))

Hmmm... I know that my Linux box occasionally locks up when being woken
(especially after using the BTTV/television PCI card), but it doesn't
have issues with synchronization or something. It does use a
masquerading router though.


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