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[leafnode-list] bus error in leafnode on NetBSD-sparc64

I installed leafnode on a Sun Ultra 1 running NetBSD 3.1 the other day
after years of using leafnode+. I have installed the latest version
as well as the pkgsrc version which is one minor revision behind the

The programs all run fine fetching news, expiring, etc, but no clients
can connect to the leafnode server.

If I run leafnode on the command line, I can query groups and article
lists and everything works, but when a remote client tries to contact
leafnode, the process dies with no errors in the logs. 

I ran the leafnode process under ktrace in inetd.conf to get a look
inside, from the trace it appears to have died in main.c or close to
that with a bus error.

I've tried running it in the debugger from inside inetd but can't seem
to make that work right. It only fails when running from inetd, so I was
trying to find some way of debugging it from there.

I thought I'd ask here in case this is a known problem.

Is anyone else sucessfully using leafnode on sparc64, especially on
NetBSD 3.1?

shannon "AT" widomaker.com -- ["All of us get lost in the darkness,
dreamers turn to look at the stars" -- Rush ]
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