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[leafnode-list] Re: leafnode-2.0.0.alpha20070108a snapshot available

On Mon, 08 Jan 2007 03:55:58 +0100 Matthias Andree wrote:

> Leafnode 2.0.0.alpha20070108a is available from
> http://home.pages.de/~mandree/leafnode/beta/

hoho!  this time i was faster than matthias and had 20070108a up and
ready before it was announced!  as is customary with matthias software,
it simply works after the "./configure && gmake all install clean"

version: leafnode-2.0.0.alpha20070108a
current machine: FreeBSD spotteswoode.dnsalias.org 6.2-PRERELEASE
  FreeBSD 6.2-PRERELEASE #14: Sat Jan  6 17:32:43 CET 2007
  root@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/spott  i386
bindir: /usr/local/bin
sysconfdir: /etc/leafnode
default spooldir: /var/spool/news
IPv6: yes
default MTA: /usr/sbin/sendmail
pcre version: 7.0 18-Dec-2006

> 20070108a: Changes since 20070101a:
> + Bugfix: do not crash when using inverted newsgroup matches.
>  Reported by Wolfgang Bauer.

however i was unable to locate information about this special problem.
with snapshot 20061204a i had the following configuration lines:

  server = news.mediascape.de
  only_groups_pcre = ^(?!gmane\.)

  server = news.gmane.org
  only_groups_pcre = ^gmane\.

which worked flawlessly. i inserted the PCRE regular expressions to
avoid the annoying and bandwith-wasting messages about newsgroups not
present at particular newsservers, ie.  "411 No such group sci.crypt".
isn't "only_groups_pcre = ^(?!gmane\.)" what was meant with "inverted
newsgroup matches"?

regards, clemens

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